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Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. has completed one of the largest steel furnaces ever built and engineered in Canada.


  • 600,000 tons/yr carbon and alloy steel long products from melting scrap, primarily for the automotive industry, each heat took 78 minutes.

History of this furnace:

  • 1978 - purchased original furnace from Whiting Corporation, Harvey, Illinois as a 90-ton capacity, 19' diameter, spout pour furnace.
  • 1988 - furnace was modified by a European competitor of Whiting to 125-ton capacity, bottom tap furnace.
  • 1999 - the requirement for cleaner steel and higher productivity, coupled with their unhappiness resulting from problems encountered with the furnace due to the modifications made by the European competitor, prompted our Customer to ask Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. plus other European competitors to make proposals to upgrade the furnace.
  • June 2001 - because Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. had the best solution, the order to engineer and build the furnace upgrade was awarded to us.

Why Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.?

  • Best engineering solution
  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Improved eccentric bottom tap
  • More rigid platform
  • Increased capacity to 135-tons and 20' diameter
  • Able to use the same foundation without field modifications
  • Upgrade incorporated new ideas from our Customer's operating personnel
  • Minimum downtime
  • Could be shipped by barge in one piece, factory assembled and tested, from Welland to the dock beside our Customer, thereby greatly reducing downtime and expensive field construction.

What is the scope of work?

  • ProEng software model and design
  • New water cooled tube panel side walls
  • New furnace shell - 70,000 lbs., 21' wide, 28' long, 10' high
  • New platform - 180,000 lbs., 28'-6" wide, 39' long, 11' high
  • New roof lift
  • New swing track and bogie truck assembly
  • New pivot pin
  • New tilt-swing lock assembly
  • New eccentric bottom tap mechanism
  • New heat shielding
  • Tilt cylinder modifications
  • New special furnace lifting beams to lift the furnace in one piece with our Customer's melt shop crane
  • Supervision of the installation

The customer was able to reuse the original:

  • Water cooled pipe panel roof
  • 24" electrode clamping, arms and mast system
  • 75,000 KVA transformer and regulation system
  • Concrete furnace foundations

How was it moved to site?

  • On November 6, 2001: the furnace base was lifted with a 140 ton rated Whiting portable electric locomotive jack set.
  • The back wall of the plant was dismantled.
  • Anderson Haulage brought in two trucks with 100 wheels each to move the platform and shell from Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. to the dock in Port Robinson; the combined load was 250,000 lbs.
  • The load travelled down Alexander Street, right on Division, right onto East main to highway 406, down highway 406 to Port Robinson.
  • The trucks drove straight onto McKeil Marine's barge at Dock W65.
  • Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.'s welders modified the barge and tied down the load with 1500 feet of 9/16" steel cable.
  • The truck tractors stayed with the trailers and load on the barge.
  • With favourable sailing conditions, the barge left early on November 7, 2001 up the canal and onto Lake Erie.
  • Transit time to the Customer, with good weather, was 36 hours.
  • Anderson Haulage designed and fabricated two bridges measuring 5' by 25' because the dock beside our Customer's was in poor condition. The bridges were set up after docking and the trucks drove straight off the barge and 500 meters to the plant.
  • Only then, when the trucks were at the gate, could our Customer's existing furnace be shut down.
  • The existing furnace was dismantled, and the new furnace, rigged with Whiting special furnace lifting beams, was lifted onto the existing concrete foundations, in one piece, with our Customer's melt shop crane.
  • It took 12 days from arrival of the furnace at the dock to striking the first arc; start-up was November 24, 2001.
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