Slab Handling Crane

The Customer

The customer requested a single crane that efficiently handles all the movements of the slabs in the soaking pit bay:

  • Move horizontal slabs from the inline furnace to the rolling mills
  • Load / unload horizontal slabs from trucks
  • Store slabs horizontally on the floor
  • Store slabs vertically in cold pits
  • Load / unload the soaking pit furnaces
  • Rotate horizontal and vertical slabs
  • Lay down vertical slab
  • Lift up slab from the floor to vertical position
  • Load the surface-milling machine

Furthermore, the new crane had to meet many new requirements and restrictions:

  • Handle 12-ton capacity with faster speeds
  • Handle all the slab varieties
  • Crane wheel loads not to exceed the runway capacity
  • Utilize the small available headroom to get maximum hoisting lift range
  • Provide operator best vision in all directions
  • Provide smooth quiet movement and precise slab positioning in all directions
  • Provide machinery that can withstand high ambient temperature
  • The crane must be small to enable it to achieve short approaches
  • Provide machinery that requires both ease of and minimum maintenance

The Technological Advancements and Solutions

Slab Handling Crane

The operator cab and control room tower design:
The operator cab attached to an air-conditioned electric control tower was difficult to design and to build, but in the end it provides all the features we wanted. We will reuse this idea for such an application in the future.

The tong unit design:
The hydraulic tong unit is working satisfactorily. Its design is unique and we will reuse it in the future for similar applications.

Power and control cable lay down basket:
This assembly is unique in its compactness and we will reuse the idea if needed in the future.

High ambient temperature and direct heat source:
The crane is also engineered with the appropriate technology to cool and shield the equipment.

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