Materials Handling Equipment

Whiting has long been a leading, highly respected source for the design and manufacture of cranes and crane systems. The Material Handling group at Whiting Equipment makes their expertise and very diverse range of crane equipment available in Canada. It is also staffed and equipped to provide complete design/engineering services relative to a wide variety of material handling application requirements.

In 1884 when North America was just beginning to flex its manufacturing and economic muscles, J.H. Whiting founded the Detroit Foundry Equipment Company. Located in Detroit, Michigan, the company was dedicated to providing the foundry industry with high quality metallurgical and material handling equipment. In 1898, after moving the young company to Harvey, Illinois, Mr. Whiting designed and built the first three motor overhead bridge crane and the renamed Whiting Foundry Equipment Company soon became a leader in design and manufacture of overhead cranes and material handling equipment.

Today Canadian Pacific Railway is still operating these three Whiting Cranes...Built in 1912.

Whiting has gone through many changes, but our commitment to providing reliable service and a quality product always remain. Whiting is founding member of the Crane Manufacturer's Association of America, Inc., a trade association of manufacturers of electric overhead traveling cranes. Whiting actively participates in the Association activities which include the operation of a strong engineering committee which constantly strives to improve crane engineering practices.


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