Rotary Broom

Trackmobile, LLC Rotary Broom



Overall Width: 113”

Sweeping Width: 93”

Broom RPM:  167 RPM Maximum

Broom Construction:  Nylon Bristle & Steel Bristle Alternate Arrangement

Broom Diameter:  32”

Broom Drive Angle:  35 Degree Deflection

Broom Control:  Start/Stop - Tethered Control Box

Boom Control:  Raise/Lower – Tethered Control Box

Broom Head Rotation:  Right/Left – Tethered Control Box

Engine Type/HP: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin 23HP

Fuel Type/Capacity:  Gasoline / 6 U.S. Gallons

Fuel Tank Construction:  Plastic, removable

Electrical System:  12 VDC

4 Way Control Valve:  Sun Valve

Additional Features

Integrated Stand System

Designed To Mount To All Current Models With Standard Couplers

Removable fuel tank to ease refueling


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