Bench Scale Testing

Our test centre, located at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, is equipped for chemical analysis and bench scale process development in glassware to determine solubility, crystallization habit, and physical properties of inorganic chemical solutions. Chemical analysis assists in producing more precise designs and facilitates more economical up-scaling of equipment.

The partnership between Brock University and Whiting Equipment Canada resulted in the creation of the Whiting and Swenson Test Centre, Niagara Campus, at the state of the art BioLinc incubator facility.

The collaboration between Whiting Equipment Canada and BioLinc allows Whiting to provide Brock University the opportunity to grow in engineering, graduate and undergraduate research, and to promote entrepreneurship. The collaboration also allows Whiting to give back to the community and promote a strong manufacturing and engineering presence within the Niagara region. 

The test centre is equipped with everything necessary to turn a liquid feed into a dry solid. Operational tests are designed so that the test product will resemble the final product as closely as possible for customer evaluation.

Using these test results, Whiting engineers can assist customers in making knowledgeable decisions and recommend the appropriate equipment for industrial sized applications.

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