Chemical Processing Equipment

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. is a licensee of the internationally recognized and accepted line of Swenson Technology, Inc. evaporation and crystallization equipment and systems for the chemical processing industry. Swenson has been pioneering process equipment since 1889. Whiting has been producing chemical processing equipment since 1930.

Related services from our Welland facility cover all aspects of the Customer's requirement including design, engineering, fabrication and "start-up" assistance to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the equipment provided.

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc has recently designed and supplied multiple island turnkey plants for salt, potash and sodium chlorate. Typical scope of supply ranges from engineering and feasibility studies to a fully integrated process including structural steel, vessels, piping, instrumentation and electrical components.

Condensers Crystallizers Dryers
  • Direct Type
  • Surface Type


  • Closed
  • Direct Fired
  • Indirect Heated


  • Direct Fired
  • Indirect Heated
  • Steam Tube
Evaporators Filters Processes and Project Engineering
  • Fluorine Recovery
  • Continuous Sugar Crystallization
  • Caustic Soda System
  • Ammonium Sulfate Crystallization and Drying
  • Potash Crystallization and Drying
  • Salt Crystallization and Drying
  • Salt Purification through Sodium Sulfate Removal
  • Sodium Sulfate Recovery and Drying
  • Sodium Chlorate Crystallization and Drying
  • Wet Process Phosphoric Acid

Whiting can upgrade systems that have been engineered by other manufacturers for a more efficient and superior yield.



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