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The Volta-SAF Arc Furnace Regulator is designed to provide increased "Smarts" and improved "Communication" capabilities.

Operating costs are directly related to the performance of the electrode positioning controls. The Volta-SAF EAF regulator is a rack based, high speed, digital signal processor that allows many choices of I/O cards and communication links to make it extremely adaptable for tailoring to your particular plant.

The most distinct advantage of the Volta-SAF Arc Furnace Regulation is its FLEXIBILITY that allows retrofits to be staged and have savings from one upgrade to allow further expansion of the system.


  • High response
  • Hot and Cold Phase compensation
  • Wide range of power and current settings
  • Rapid adjustment of the arc length
  • Limits operation to most stable window
  • Reduced electrode hunting
  • Reduced flicker
  • Reduced energy
  • Reduced electrode usage and refractory wear

Standard Features

  • Adaptive impedance/resistance regulator
  • Fiber optic link to ABB DC or Direct Torque Control AC drives
  • Graphic program with built in Oscilloscope
  • Simple communications architecture with over 25 industrial protocols available
  • Hot and Cold Phase compensation
  • High response for flicker reduction, reduced electrode breakage and cave in protection

Set-Up and Monitoring Features

  • Multiple phase status monitoring / alarm diagnostics
  • Tap selection and monitoring
  • Trend analysis utilization
  • Power monitoring and timing
  • Report/ logger
  • Metering
  • Simplified set-up
  • Recipes for fixed design or operator modifiable set-ups
  • Recipes for different charge type

Whiting - SAF


Our complete line of equipment and services include:

  • AC or DC Drive Winch style or Hydraulic mast positioned installation and modifications
  • High performance Volta-SAF Electrode Position Regulator for significant cost savings and improved productivity
  • Process monitoring and reporting (standard or customized)
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting screens
  • Hardwired and Computerized Operator interface
  • PLC control for cooling water, hydraulics, feeders, tap changing and other melt shop operations
  • Replacement shells for EAF’S
  • General EAF equipment upgrade and modernizations
  • Water cooled cables and panels

Our Experts:

  • Analyze existing operations
  • Review conditions of existing facility
  • Evaluate the performance of the existing control system
  • Provide advice and services to meet your goals
  • Provide feasibility studies on your melt shop equipment / processes


Volta Furnace Master


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