Electric Arc Furnace - Hydro-Arc

Electric arc furnaces offer a number of unique advantages, including accurate control of temperature and composition of the melt. In addition, they can also melt scrap not suitable for other furnaces.

Whiting Hydro-Arc Furnaces bring you an important exclusive advantage as well. They feature counterbalanced electro-hydraulic electrode controls in place of mechanical devices. This means the electrodes react instantaneously to changes in the furnace and melt.

Hydro-Arc Furnaces are particularly popular for their versatility. They can be used to melt, refine, heat or hold virtually any ferrous and many non-ferrous metals. Used as a holder with other prime melters, they can increase yield and assure proper pouring temperature, as well as reheat cold metal to make pigging unnecessary. Like any other Whiting melting unit, the model you buy is tailored to your needs.


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