Watercooled Panels and Roofs

Increase Arc Furnace Production

Reduce Refractory Costs

Recently a prominent steel producing facility challenged Whiting Corporation to design a higher production arc furnace. Whiting responded by designing an expanded capacity shell with water cooled sidewalls, water cooled roof, submerged sidewall tap hole, and a fast return tilt feature that assures quick metal - pour cutoff.

In addition to increased production, the new design provides the melter with additional advantages:

  • Increased Productivity...from a 5-charge to 3-charge heat
  • Reduced Refractory Costs...with water-cooled roof and 80% to 85% sidewall panel coverage
  • Reduced Refractory Requirement Increases Furnace Availability
  • Slag free Control and Compact Liquid Steel Pour Capability... made possible with submerged tap hole and fast return tilt cutoff
  • Liquid Heel Operating Capability further improves productivity
  • Reduced Electrode Consumption...increased economy
  • Improved Working Environment around and above the furnace

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