Radio Control

Work Area Alert System

When the operator energizes the transmitter, amber warning lights mounted on the cab roof and bodyframe railings illuminate. This serves as a warning to anyone in the area that the Trackmobile unit is about to move under radio control. It also signals the operator that positive communication between the transmitter and receiver has been established. A decal on the transmitter reminds the operator to remotely sound the air blast horn, and then when forward or reverse is selected, the amber warning lights begin to flash. Along with the Radio Control operator’s manual, the customer receives a quantity of high-visibility caution signs to display in the work area advising of a vehicle operating under radio control.

The Work Area Alert System also includes a visual train brake pressure indicator to assist the remote operator. Red lights are mounted on the cab roof and off-side railing. As the train air brake pipe pressure builds from 0 psi to approximately 60 the red lights are blinking, indicating that the pipe pressure is below the operating range. As pressure continues to build from 60 psi to 85 psi the lights are illuminated solid. When pipe pressure approaches 90 psi the lights go out. From then on, the red lights are visual indicators to the operator of the pipe pressure status: As the operator takes pressure reductions and pipe pressure drops below 90 psi the red lights illuminate solid. When pipe pressure drops below approximately 60 psi the red lights blink. The operator always has a visual indication of system pressure status.

As additional security, the Work Area Alert System has two Emergency Shutdown buttons, one on each side. When one of the buttons is activated

  • The transmission shifts to neutral
  • The engine is decelerated to idle
  • The train and service brakes are applied
  • The hydraulic functions are deactivated


Package Environmentally sealed with replaceable and rechargeable battery
Operator Inputs
  • 3 paddle-controlled proportional outputs
  • Weatherproof toggle switches (up to 16 contacts)
  • Emergency STOP and ON buttons
Output Power 100 mW
Antenna Internal
Operating Range, maximum 1600 ft (490m) Line of Sight
Battery 9.6V Makita® tool battery, 1.2 Ahr
Battery Life, Coninuous Use, Selectable Power-Down Modes 8 hours
Weight 6.3 lbs (2.8 kg)
Battery Charger 110 VAC or 12VDC input


Compact installation, entire transmitter is located inside cab instrument panel.
No External Installation to Block Visibility

Frequency 902-928 MHz
Power Supply 10-30VDC
Sensitivity -110dBm
Selectivity 60dB, minimum
Antenna 5 inch (127mm) whip
External Indicators Three LED mounted LEDs (Power, Carrier, Link)
Internal Indicators Power LEDs plus output state and alarm LEDs per channel.
Status information also available on terminal through RS232 port
Proportaional Outputs 16 uni-directional PWM 33 or 100 Hz
Solid State Outputs 8 x 1 Amp drivers
Relay Outputs 4 Form C 5 Amp
Main Output 1 Form C 5 Amp (on when radio is on)
Protection, Solid State Outputs All outputs are current sourcing and protected for shorts to ground and supply over voltage, transients and thermal stress
Protection, Relay Outputs All outputs are fuse protected and equipped with transient protection

System Specifications

Frequency 902-928 MHz
Channel Use Spread Spectrum
Modulation Digital FM (FSK) 9600 baud
Packets/second 48
Response Latency (type) 40 ms
Operating Range, maxiumum 1600 ft (490m) line of sight
ON/OFF channels with 1A solid state O/P 8 or 12
ON/OFF channels with 5A relay O/P 4
Proportaional PWM channels 8 or 6
Proportional resolution 1% steps from 0 to 100%
  • Red latching mushroom emergency E-STOP buttong shuts down entire system, 1 mounted on each side of maching, 1 on transmitter
  • Hardware watchdog shuts down output for processor malfunction
  • Tilt switch on transmitter shuts system down
  • "Main" output activated only when valid data is received from correct transmitter and receivers
  • Solid state output circuits are alarmed for open and short to ground and supply, over voltage and thermal stress
Operating Temperature -22ºF to 131ºF (-30ºC to 55ºC)
Storage Temperature -67ºF to 185ºF (-55ºC to 85ºC)


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