Cranes Components and Spare Parts

Buying “will fit” parts is no savings at all if the parts don’t fit correctly or they need to be replaced more frequently. Careful consideration should be done when choosing a supplier for your overhead crane replacement parts. When you need parts for your cranes, you need them quickly. But you most likely also want experience and knowledge, and assurance that all replacement parts will fit your equipment.

1. Whiting spare parts

For over 100 years, the Whiting name has been synonymous with durable and reliable overhead cranes. Today, we continue to be an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality overhead cranes. That same promise holds true with the Whiting Parts Department.

Purchasing your replacement parts from Whiting gives you peace of mind knowing that not only are the parts manufactured using the highest quality materials, but that they will also fit your equipment, regardless of manufacturer. Whether you are facing an unexpected emergency, or you’re simply performing scheduled maintenance, Whiting’s full-time, full-service Parts Department is the only number you need for crane replacement parts to keep your overhead cranes operating safely and in their ideal operating condition.

Whiting’s Parts department is the only supplier of genuine Whiting OEM replacement parts, and each part is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that all parts will fit your existing Whiting cranes. We manufacture all of our OEM replacement parts according to the original part drawing, and all parts are manufactured using the same high quality materials as were used in the manufacture of the original part. We also guarantee that all replacement parts include any available enhancements and improvements made so you always receive the most up-to-date parts. We rigorously inspect all parts for quality before they leave our facility, ensuring that you receive only the best, top-quality manufactured replacements that always fit.

2. Trambeam® 

For your entire Trambeam® parts requirements Whiting Equipment Canada has fast delivery of geniune Trambeam® replacement parts and components.  



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