Light to Heavy Duty Overhead Cranes

Light to Heavy Duty Overhead Cranes

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Whiting designs, manufactures and supplies multiple industries with the following range of cranes:

Light to Heavy Duty Overhead Cranes

Whiting, a founding member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, with over 100 years of crane design and manufacturing experience, will assist you in solving your material handling problems.Each Whiting crane is custom designed and built in our ISO-9001 certified facilities to your exact expectations. Whiting also has pre-engineered designs for low cost and rapid delivery.

We design our cranes to meet CMAA Service Classifications A through F, Standby through Steel Mill, AISE Specification and ANSI B-30 Service Classifications: normal, heavy, and severe. With capacities from 5 through 600 tons, Whiting cranes can be designed for either cab, floor, or remote control operation, or any combination of the three control types.

  • Single and Double Girder Cranes. Our pre-engineered or customized single and double girder designs for all CMAA classes are built to your exact specifications, ensuring durability, reliability and satisfaction.
  • Heavy Duty Cranes. Whiting produces heavy-duty “tiger” cranes that are ideally suited for your really heavy jobs. Our structural fabrication capabilities, well equipped weld shop, CNC machining equipment and extensive assembly area assure quality cranes are produced to the most exact industry standards.
  • Medium/Heavy Duty Cranes. Our pre-engineered or Customized crane “ER” crane designs for CMAA classes C, D & E is a high quality overhead crane that meets your performance demands with a cost effective design, modern capabilities and quick delivery.
  • Double Trolley Cranes. A double trolley, five motion, top running bridge crane usually consists of two trolleys of equal lifting capacity.
  • Light Duty Cranes. Whiting light duty cranes are available in single and double girder configurations and feature packaged hoists for CMAA class A & B service.

Overhead Crane
Overhead Crane
Overhead Crane
Overhead Crane

Underhung cranes

TRAMBEAM® is a registered trademark of Trambeam Corporation identifying a composite track section used in underhung crane and monorail material handling systems. The track combines steel top flange and plates with a lower rail of high strength alloy steel. The rail and top flange plate are continuously welded to the web plate. The lower load carrying  flange is rolled to close tolerances and features a flat, raised running surface for less friction and longer track and wheel life.
Underhung Crane offer more advantages than alternate forms of material handling equipment.

  • The Underhung System operates overhead and does not interfere with productive, on-the-floor activities
  • The Underhung System moves loads quickly and easily to many locations
  • Underhung Systems are more energy efficient and cost less to install and maintain
  • Underhung Systems do not pollute the environment
  • Underhung Systems have taken advantage of modern technology for safety, reliability, efficiency, ease of operation, and reduced cost

Single Girder Cranes

These cranes are available for rated loads up to 10 tons, in spans up to 100′, with 20 bridge girders and 28 end trucks to select from. TRAMBEAM single girder cranes are precisely engineered for each particular application. Induction hardened, forged steel wheels, tapered roller bearings for most applications, the extra strength of Type SW bridge girders, heavy-duty tractor drives for all motor driven cranes – all of these features add up to dependable performance and long life.

Double girder cranes

These cranes are generally used on systems incorporating long spans, up to 100′, and where heavier loads are handled, up to 30 tons. They require a minimum amount of headroom and can be used in handling lighter loads, where maximum lift is essential. The same high quality components used in single girder construction are used on double girder, quality which delivers dependable, trouble-free performance.

Monorail systems

TRAMBEAM© monorail systems are known for their complete reliability and work saving performance. These systems are ideal for processing materials because they move materials over a predetermined path. Weighing, cleaning, painting and other operations can be accomplished without removing the material from the carrier. These systems improve plant operations by reducing floor traffic and they are designed for an unusually high degree of dependability. The inherent efficiency and speed of TRAMBEAM© monorail systems can be developed to utilize switches, lift sections and other accessories to further increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

The difference between the Underhung Crane & Monorail is:

  • The Underhung Crane System is comprised of a runway and bridge to move a load in a straight or variable path from one point to any other point in a prescribed operatingarea.
  • The Monorail System, using switches, turntables, and other devices, enables loads to be transported in a wide variety of fixed routes.
Underhung Crane and Monorail Systems may be used independently and in conjunction with each other, and both can be interfaced with other forms of material handling equipment. As a result, they can satisfy or improve upon most material handling operations.Simple enough to be easily maintained, rugged enough to handle heavy loads, flexible enough to suit a variety of handling operations.

Transfer cranes

The underhang feature of TRAMBEAM makes it possible to offer systems where loads can be transferred from area to area without rehandling. The crane girders are equipped with interlock mechanisms which permit carriers to transfer from crane to crane either direct or through a fixed transfer section or frm a crane to a spur track.

Transfer Cranes

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are adapted to applications where overhead runways would be very long, costly to erect and difficult to maintain in alignment. Gantry cranes also allow the runway to be extended relatively easily and inexpensively.
Where the installation is only temporary, a gantry crane can be moved to a new location easier than an overhead crane and its runway can.

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There is a wide variety of applications where Whiting cranes are used

Scrap Handling
Bucket or Grapple Cranes
Ladle Handling
Die Handling
Long Loads Handling
Steel Coil Handling
Shipping Bay
Automotive Applibcations
General Manufacturing Applications
Solid Waste Handling
Wet and Dry End
and more…


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