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Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. understands the needs of railcar users and are committed to providing excellent customer service, starting at the time of sale through the life cycle of the machine.

Knowing that railcar movers are existential to your business, we bring solutions that avoid production delays and minimize operating costs.


New Trackmobiles For Sale

Trackmobile® Model Stock No. Location of Unit
Atlas 100560-0219 TBD Quebec
Atlas 100578-0419 TBD TBD
Hercules T4 100589-0319 TBD TBD
Hercules T4 100590-0319 TBD TBD
Hercules T4 100591-0119 TBD Quebec
Hercules T4 100592-0219 TBD Ontario
Hercules T4 100593-0219 TBD Winnipeg
Hercules T4 100604-0719 TBD TBD
Hercules T4 100632-0919 TBD TBD
Hercules T4 100662-1119 TBD TBD 
Hercules T4 100663-1119 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100472-1018 90015 TBD
Titan T4 100563-0319 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100573-0419 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100574-0419 TBD TBD 
Titan T4 100581-0519 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100622-0819 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100653-1019 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100667-1119 TBD TBD
Titan T4 100668-1119 TBD TBD
Subject to change without notice/subject to prior sale.
Please contact for pricing, delivery or any other parts inquiries.


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New Trackmobile® Fleet


Trackmobile Viking


Trackmobile Hercules


Trackmobile Titan


Trackmobile Atlas

Model Comparison Chart

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