Used 9TM Trackmobile®

Used 9TM Trackmobile®

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The Trackmobile® Advantage

The 9TM is a dual coupler machine capable of pushing and pulling cars at the same time. That 9TM has a dual wheel system with rubber tires for road drive and rail wheels for rail travel. This system provides flexibility that reduces trackage and switching, cutting down on the time it takes to move railcars. The conversion for road to rail, as well as coupling and moving railcars, is controlled from a high visibility, weatherproof cab by the operator. The efficient 9TM is easy to maintain and operate, making it the practical way to move railcars.

Trackmobile® Pulling Power

The 9TM utilizes two hydraulic jacking couplers, one on each end of the machine. Each coupler transfers weight to the Trackmobile® producing 23,000 pounds of tractive effort on a single coupler for 37,000 pounds using both couplers. The 9TM can pull up to 12 one hundred ton cars on a single coupler in most situations. 9TM is powered by a standard four cylinder diesel engine with an optional six cylinder gas available. A torque converter with a three speed hydraulic transmission provide smooth operation and constant power under any load. In wet conditions or one more traction is needed, sand may be applied to the track front or in back of all four railwheels.

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    Heavy-duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes.


    4 cylinder, 2 cycle diesel

    Torque Converter

    3.09 to 1 torque multiplication ratio.

    Transmission & Transfer Gear Housing

    Constant mesh planetary gearing, 3 speeds forward, 3 speeds reverse.

    Rail Brakes

    15″ (381 mm) x 3″ (76.2 mm) air over hydraulic power actuated, internally expanding, self energizing drum and shoe type.

    Rail Wheels

    23·· (584 mm) dia. heat-treated cast steel.

    Road Wheels

    Rock service tires, heavy-duty retractable suspension. 12 ply 9.00 x 20 tires.

    Rail Drive

    Through transmission and transfer gear housing and planetary type differential axle assembly.

    Road Drive

    Interlocking lug friction drive from rail axle driving drum.

    Power Steering

    Industrial type linkage and spindles.


    Heavy-duty cast steel weight transfer design. Positive coupling to railcars insured with AAR contour. Hydraulically controlled from cab.


    Air operated, built into frame.


    Driver conditioned, totally enclosed cab, easy to use instruments and controls, two-way seat, 360°clear vision, electric windshield wiper.


    Forward and rear combination tail/stop lights. Front and rear headlights.

    Warning Signal

    Blast-type air horns. Back up horn when on road wheels


    • Alternator – 100 Amp. – 40 Amp.
    • Bell – Air
    • Brakes, Air – 24 CFM
    • Cap, Protecto Seal Gas
    • Cleaner, Air (heavy duty)
    • Coupler, ext. (automatic)
    • Extinguisher, Fire
    • Fan, dDefroster
    • Gun, Grease
    • Heater, Cab
    • Heater, Engine Block
    • Light, Rotating & Spot
    • Lubrication, Centralized
    • Mirror, Extra
    • Muffler, Spark Arrester or Catalytic
    • Pedestal, Rotating Light
    • Plow, Snow
    • Radio Control
    • Shutdown, Automatic (for engine)
    • Shutter, Radiator
    • Signals, Turn


    On Rail
    On Rubber
      AAR Clearance Pattern Maint. Hiway Clearance Maint.
    Wheelbase 121″ – 3073 mm 60″ – 1524 mm
    Length (overall) 148″ – 3759 mm 148″ – 3759 mm
    Width (overall) 110″ – 2794 mm 110″ – 2794 mm
    Height (overall) 140″ – 3556 mm 151″ – 3835 mm
    Road Clearance at rail wheel flange – 10″ (254 mm)
    Weight 25,000 lbs (11340 Kg)


    Max Speed* (MPH):
    On Rail
    On Road
    Low 2.5 MPH – 4 Km/H 2.0 MPH – 5 Km/H
    Inter 7.0 MPH – 17.5 Km/H 5.0 MPH – 12.5 Km/H
    High 15 MPH – 37.5 Km/H 12 MPH – 30 Km/H
     *Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude, and other factors


    37,900 lbs (17,196 Kg) when both couplers are used
    23,100 lbs (10,481 Kg) when one coupler is used
    ** Actual Tractive Effort obtained varies with rail conditions & weight transfer
    The descriptions herein ad above are for the purpose of identifying the type of equipment, and do not limit or extend the, express warranty provision in any contract of sale.
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