Used 4200TM Trackmobile®

Used 4200TM Trackmobile®

Less Trackage - Fewer Switches
More Equipment for Sale or Rent

The Trackmobile® Advantage

  • Up to 42,000 Pounds (19,060 Kg) of Tractive Effort*
  • Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
  • 32 Cfm Railcar Air Brake System & Air Dryer As Standard Equipment
  • 4-speed Electronically Controlled Power Shift Transmission
  • Heavy Duty Cooling System
  • Two Heavy Duty Trackmobile® Weight Transfer Couplers
*Actual Tractive Effort obtained varies with
rail conditions. sanding and weight transfer

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Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289Trackmobile 4200TM 96129-1289

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Heavy duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes.


Detroit diesel turbocharged engine, model 4-53T, 4 cylinder, 2 cycle.

Torque Converter

2.73 to 1 torque multiplication ratio.

Transmission & Drop Case

Constant mesh spur gearing, 4 speed, electronically controlled forward and reverse for both road and rail operation.

Rail Wheel Gear Case

Heavy duty hardened alloy steel spur gears. Oil bath lubrication.


Rail – Air over hydraulic power actuated. 18″ (457.2 mm) diameter disc on all 4 railwheels.
Train Braking – 32 CFM train air braking system.
Roadwheel – Drum and shoe arrangement.
Parking – Mechanical drum and shoe arrangement.

Rail Wheels

  • 27″ (685.8 mm) diameter heat treated cast steel.
  • Tapered tread contour to Association of American Railroad (AAR) specifications.

Road Wheels

Rack service, 14 ply 9.00×20 tube type tires, heavy duty suspension, hydraulically operated to extend and drive on road or retract for rail operation, electrically controlled.

Rail Drive

Through torque converter, transmission, and transfer gear case, to no-spin differential and planetary axle assemblies.

Road Drive

Interlocking lug drive from rail axle drive hubs to tire tread. Automatically disengages while in rail operation.

Power Steering

Hydraulically powered, truck-type linkage and spindles.

Hydraulic System

Constant pressure system with engine running for maximum traction, braking ability, and to prevent roadwheels setting.  Fingertip controls through electric solenoid operated control valve, for all hydraulic function.


  • Two heavy-duty cast steel, TRACKMOBILE® pioneered weight transfer design.
  • Positive coupling and uncoupling with AAR contour coupler and locking knuckle.
  • Air operated knuckle release from cab for easy coupling and uncoupling.
    (Traversing weight transfer controlled through joystick)


Air operated. Eight sanders, two for each railweheel, front and back.


Forward and rear tail/stop lights. Halogen front and rear lights for night operation, either on road or rail. Track mounting light for placing unit on rail at night.

Operator Cab

Driver conditioned, totally enclosed, 360 degree visibility. Easily accessible controls. Two electric windshield wipers. Rearview mirror for road operation. Dual controls for rail operation. One door on each end for convenient access. Soundproofing, cab heater and defroster fan. Full instrumentation including engine tachometer.

Warning Signal

Blast type air horn, automatic back-up alarm for road operation.


  • Air Bell
  • Cab Extension
  • 5H Fire Extinguisher
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Mirror
  • Outside
  • Alternator
  • 100 AMP
  • Block Heater
  • Engine
  • Ether Start
  • Automatic Engine Shutdown
  • Strobe Light Pedestal
  • Turn Signals
  • Cab Air conditioning
  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Protecto Seal Fuel Cap
  • Spotlight
  • SnowPlow “V”
  • Clark Axles
  • Foam Tires
  • Grease Gun


On Rail
On Road
  AAR Clearance Pattern Maint. Hiway Clearance Maint.
Wheelbase 121″ – 3073 mm 59″ – 1499 mm
Length (overall) 155″ – 3937 mm 155″ – 3937 mm
Width (overall) 114″ – 2896 mm 114″ – 2896 mm
Height (overall) 136″ – 3455 mm 144″ – 3558 mm
Road Clearance at rail wheel flange – 6 1/2″ (165 mm)
Weight 35,000 lbs (15,880 Kg)


Max Speed* (Both Directions):
On Rail
On Road
Low 2 MPH – 3.2 Km/H 1.1 MPH – 1.8 Km/H
2nd Range 3.6 MPH – 5.8 Km/H 2.3 MPH – 3.7 Km/H
3nd Range 6.3 MPH – 10.2 Km/H 4 MPH – 6.4 Km/H
4th Range 11.3 MPH – 18 Km/H 7.1 MPH – 11.4 Km/H
 *Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude, and other factors


42,000 lbs. (19,060 kg) when both couplers are used
26,730 lbs. (12,130 kg) when one coupler is used
** Actual Tractive Effort obtained varies with rail conditions & weight transfer
The descriptions herein ad above are for the purpose of identifying the type of equipment, and do not limit or extend the, express warranty provision in any contract of sale.
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