Used 5TM Trackmobile®

Used 5TM 5266 Trackmobile®

Less Trackage - Fewer Switches
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The Trackmobile® Advantage

The 5TM utilizes a dual wheel system, rubber tires for road and rail wheel for rail travel. The 5TM can reach railcars anywhere on the track, which means less trackage and fewer switches. The conversion from road wheels to railwheels and all other movements of the Trackmobile®, including coupling to the railcar, are controlled from inside a weatherproof cab by the operator. The 5TM’s versatility, serviceability, and low operating cost make it the efficient way to move railcars.

The Trackmobile® Pulling Power

The 5TM utilizes the weight transfer system developed by TRACKMOBILE®. The 5TM’s hydraulic jacking coupler transfers 1000’s lbs. of weight from the railcar to the 5TM giving it an impressive tractive effort on rail. The 5TM can easily pull multiple cars under most conditions. The 5TM is equipped with a six cylinder gas engine and a torque converter transmission. To maintain traction during wet conditions sand can be applied to the track in front or back of the railwheels.

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    Heavy-duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes.

    Engine (Gasoline)

    Industrial, 6 cylinder. Bore: 3-3/4 in. Stroke: 4-1/2 in. Displacement: 298cu. in. 116 BHPat governed speed at 2400 RPM. Torque: 209 ft./lbs. at 2100 RPM. 7 main bearings. (Diesel engine optional.)

    Fuel Capacity

    17 gallons. 8 hours average running time.

    Torque Converter

    3.5 to 1 Torque multiplication ratio.

    Transmission & Drop Case

    Constant mesh planetary gearing, 3 speeds forward: Low: 12.96 to 1, Intermediate: 4. 70 to 1, High: 1.62 to 1. 3 speeds reverse: Low: 12.55 to 1, Intermediate: 4.55 to 1, High: 1.57 to 1. Manual shift engage and disengage for rail wheels.

    Road, Wheels Transfer Case

    Heavy-duty, hardened alloy steel spur gears. Oil bath lubrication. 1 to 1 ratio.

    Rail Wheel Gearcase

    Heavy-duty, hardened alloy steel shaved spur gears. Oil bath lubrication. 1.88 to 1 reduction.


    12″ diameter, hydraulic service, mechanical parking, internally expanding, self-energizing drum and shoe type.-Rail brake mounted on back end of road wheel transfer case. Two wheel road brakes on road drive axle.

    Rail Wheels

    18″ diameter, heat treated, cast steel, keyed on tapered axles. Solidly mounted suspension system.

    Road Wheels

    Tractor-type, heavy-duty, retractable suspension, roller bearing mounted wheels. 8-ply, 7:50 x 17 tires.

    Rail Drive

    Through transmission and drop case, through rail wheel gearcase to driving axle and by side rods to driven axle.


    Mechanical, truck type linkage and spindles.

    Road Drive

    Through road wheel transfer case to truck type, no spin differential driving axle. Auto-matic disengage in retracted position.

    Hydraulic System

    Constant pressure system, with engine run­ning, to insure maximum traction and braking ability and to prevent settling. Direct-con­nected gear driven pump.


    Heavy-duty, cast steel, TRACKMOBILE® pio­neered weight transfer design. Positive coup- 1 ing insured with AAR contour. Remotely controlled from cab for easy coupling.


    Electrically operated, built into frame.


    Two combination running and rear lights for rail operation. Two headlights and one tail stop light for road.


    Totally enclosed driver conditioned cab, easy to use instruments and controls, comfortable seat, 360° clear vision and electric windshield wiper.

    Warning Signal

    Electric horn for both rail and road operation.

    Optional Equipment

    Heater, Air Braking, Extra Seat, Extended Coupler, Auxiliary Coupler, Defroster Fan, Water Muffler, Spot Light, Rotating Flashing Light, Rail and Road Snow Plows, Electric Warning Gong, L.P.G., or Diesel Engine. Other· optional equipment is available for vehicle operation and driver comfort.


    On Rail
    On Road
      AAR Clearance Pattern Maint. Hiway Clearance Maint.
    Wheelbase 62″ 109″
    Length (overall) 96″ 144″
    Width (overall) 125″ 96″
    Height (overall) 97″ 108″
    Road Clearance at differential – 8-1/2″(216 mm) ~ at track wheel flange 10″ (254 mm)
    Weight 14,000 lbs (6350 Kg)


    Max Speed* (MPH):
    On Rail
    On Road
    Low 5.3 3.75
    Inter 14. 10.3
    High 30. 25.
     *Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude, and other factors


    On Rail – 17,500 lbs.
    On Road – 3,600 lbs.
    ** Actual Tractive Effort obtained varies with rail conditions & weight transfer
    The descriptions herein ad above are for the purpose of identifying the type of equipment, and do not limit or extend the, express warranty provision in any contract of sale.
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