Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. is a diversified designer and manufacturer of Heavy Industrial Equipment.

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Whiting Corporation, Monee, Illinois.

The parent company traces its beginning to the year 1884, when it was a relatively small firm that manufactured high quality metallurgical equipment.

Since then, Whiting’s product line has increased and expanded into the chemical processing, materials handling, and transportation maintenance equipment fields. Today, Whiting is an acknowledged leader in these specialized fields…and its facility in Monee occupies 23 acres.

Whiting formally arrived on the Canadian scene in 1930 as Whiting Corporation (Canada) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary with a sales office in Toronto, Ontario.

For the next twenty-five years, the company operated primarily as a source for sales and service related to Whiting products manufactured in the United States. Over the years, more of this equipment was produced in Canada through sub-contract arrangements with other manufacturers using Whiting designs and technology.

Demand for Whiting equipment increased and by 1955, it became clear that the company required manufacturing facilities in Canada. That year, Whiting acquired the assets of Volta Manufacturing Ltd.; a furnace manufacturer, since 1914, with plant and office facilities in Welland, Ontario.

Several Customers in the USA and Asia prevailed upon the company to manufacture in PR China. In 1997 after several years of searching for the right Chinese partner, Zhejiang NAMAG Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. a foreign controlled equity joint venture was founded; Zhejiang Tongxiang Coal Mine Machinery Plant was its partner with about 1,100 employees and 2.6 million square feet of heavy fabricating and machining facilities near Shanghai.

Since then, the company has expanded its global manufacturing facilities several times and has developed the expertise to design, engineer, and service its Whiting, Swenson, Volta, Trambeam, and Trackmobile products in Canada and PR China.

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. is today, a well-established and reliable source for its products and services, which are supplied to both the Canadian and overseas markets.

Whiting Corporation Formed
Whiting Founded

J.H. Whiting started the Detroit Foundry Equipment Company in 1884, as a relatively small firm manufacturing high quality metallurgical equipment. It would soon change its name to Whiting Foundry Equipment Company, Harvey, ILL.

Swenson Founded
Swenson Technology

Magnus Swenson forms Swenson Technology

Whiting Invents first overhead Electric Crane
Whiting Invents Electric Overhead Crane
Early Whiting Overhead Crane
Volta Furnace Starts Building Metallurgical Equipment
Volta Furnaces
Whiting Acquires Swenson Technology
Swenson is Acquired
Old Swenson Vessels
Whiting Corporation Starts Business in Canada
Whiting Canada
Whiting Purchases Volta Furnaces
Volta is Acquired
Volta Furnace in Welland
Whiting Metallurgical Equipment Sold into PRC
Starts selling into China
Chinese Flag
NAMAG Formed as a JV Enterprise
Tongxiang, China
Namag China Facility
NAMAG become wholly owned by Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.
NAMAG China becomes Wholly Canadian Owned
Whiting Canada Aquires Handling Specialty
Handling Specialty Acquired
Handling Specialty Facility

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