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Whiting is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial crystallizers for the global chemical processing industry. Crystallizers isolate chemicals from a solution by controlled growth techniques to form high purity crystals with uniform shape and size.

Utilizing this process, crystallizers can also purify the liquid by crystallizing the contaminant, enabling the liquid to be reused or discharged safely into the environment. Swenson supplies a wide range of crystallizers to the chemical process industry.

Batch Vacuum Crystallizer

Batch Vacuum Crystallizers

For special cases requiring very low operating temperatures achieved only by very high vacuum, and for those applications involving relatively small amounts of material – or when the material being processed must be handled on a less than a continuous basis – it is often both convenient and economical to use a Swenson batch vacuum crystallizer. 

Draft Tube Baffle Crystallizer

Draft Tube Baffle Crystallizer

For superior control over crystal size and characteristics and superior control over particle size when excessive fine crystals are present, the Swenson draft tube baffle (DTB) crystallizer has been proven highly effective.

Forced Circulation Crystallizer

Forced Circulation Crystallizer

For feeds where high rates of evaporation are required, where there are scaling compounds, where crystallization is achieved in inverted solubility solutions, or where the solution is of relatively high viscosity, the forced-circulation crystallizer is the best choice.

Surfaced Cooled Crystallizer - viewed from below

Surface Cooled Crystallizers

For operation at temperatures below which it is not economically feasible to use vacuum equipment, or for solutions with very high boiling point elevations, the Swenson surface cooled crystallizer is generally specified.

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