Electric Arc Furnace

Our Electric Arc Furnace Equipment

Electric Arc Furnace

Whiting Equipment Ltd. and its staff have been involved with the electric furnace since inception in North America. Our users of this equipment have been instrumental in aiding Whiting to develop the furnace, as it is known today. Electric arc furnaces offer a number of unique advantages, including accurate control of temperature and composition of the melt. In addition, they can also melt scrap not suitable for other furnaces.

Hydro-Arc Furnaces

Hydro-Arc Furnaces are particularly popular for their versatility. They can be used to melt, refine, heat or hold virtually any ferrous and many non-ferrous metals. Used as a holder with other prime melters, they can increase yield and assure proper pouring temperature, as well as reheat cold metal to make pigging unnecessary. Like any other Whiting melting unit, the model you buy is tailored to your needs.

Whiting Hydro-Arc Furnaces bring you an important exclusive advantage as well. They feature counterbalanced electro-hydraulic electrode controls in place of mechanical devices. This means the electrodes react instantaneously to changes in the furnace and melt.

Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnaces for Non-Ferrous and Minerals Fusion

We can provide electric furnaces to suit your requirements for melting and refining non-ferrous alloys, abrasives, refractory materials and miscellaneous special applications. The Volta Furnace line is designed to provide maximum reliability while offering the most cost efficient operation. Like all Whiting equipment, the units you purchase can be tailored to suit your needs.

Resistance Rod Furnace

Whiting Resistance Rod Electric Furnace

The flexible, economical holding furnace for ferrous metals

The Whiting Resistance Rod Electric Furnace is used to maintain molten metals at prescribed temperatures more efficiently, more economically, and with more flexibility than other types of holding devices. It is ideal for holding and distributing metals accumulated from larger melting furnaces, for the accurate pouring of molten metals, and as a reservoir in duplexing operations.

In all these capacities, the Whiting Resistance Rod Furnace offers a number of advantages over other holding vessels. For example, it can be emptied during non-operating periods while power remains on the resistance rod to maintain the desired refractory temperature. It can also be completely shut down for an extended period, thereby saving energy dollars.

The Whiting Resistance Rod Furnace (available in molten metal capacities of five to 50 tons) is heated by a graphite rod spanning the interior of the furnace above the metal line. No external heating means are required; furnace preheating is simply a matter of applying power to the rod.

The rods are held in place by constant pneumatic pressure devices that allow for rod expansion due to extreme heat, thus increasing rod and rod holder life. The Whiting rod holder carriages are equipped with handwheels for fast and easy changing of rods – even with molten metal in the furnace.

The furnace design also permits sidewall replacement, or patching, to be done easily over a weekend.

The Whiting Resistance Rod Furnace is virtually airtight, allowing the injection of inert gases if desired. A strategically placed slag door allows operators to clean out accumulated slag during production. With the horizontally mounted tilt cylinder the furnace foundations are simplified.

Whiting’s years of experience in electric furnace melting and holding of ferrous metals has gone into the design of the Resistance Rod Furnace assuring the reliable, efficient and economical performance you expect from all foundry equipment bearing the Whiting name.

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