Zephir Electric Rail Car Mover

Zephir – engineered, manufactured, and sold in Italy for over 40 years – offers the most complete and comprehensive range of electric battery-operated railcar movers globally, with more than 500 vehicles currently in use in rail maintenance facilities, primarily in Europe.

Zephir was founded in 1969, designing and manufacturing heavy-duty towing vehicles for industrial applications, from steelwork to intermodal terminals and airports. In 1991, the electric ranges were created: the CRAB (an electric rail-to-road vehicle or rail shunter) and the KUBO, a rail-only electric rail vehicle shunter, which is designed to operate in small, confined areas such as tunnels, metros, and railway maintenance shops.

Customers include Danish Railways, Trenitalia, Swiss Railways, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom France, Pacific National Queensland, Jindal Rail, Blackpool, Eurorail, etc.

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