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Our Upgrades, rebuilds & Controls Services

Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. specializing in Upgrades, Rebuilds and Controls. We are also there to assist, repair and suggest upgrades to your Water Cooled Cables, Delta Closures, Electrode Arm Bus Tubes, Solid State Control for Electric Arc Furnaces, Regenerative or Hydraulic Drive Systems, Process Computer Control & Monitoring Systems for Electric Arc Furnaces


We are also your Specialists for Replacement Shells
for any make of Electric Arc Furnaces

Water Cooled Panels and Roofs

Increase Arc Furnace Production

Reduce Refractory Costs

Recently a prominent steel producing facility challenged Whiting Corporation to design a higher production arc furnace. Whiting responded by designing an expanded capacity shell with water cooled sidewalls, water cooled roof, submerged sidewall tap hole, and a fast return tilt feature that assures quick metal – pour cutoff.

In addition to increased production… the new design provides the melter with additional advantages

  • Increased Productivity… from a 5-charge to 3-charge heat
  • Reduced Refractory Costs… with water-cooled roof and 80% to 85% sidewall panel coverage
  • Reduced Refractory Requirement… increases Furnace Availability
  • Slag free Control and Compact Liquid Steel Pour Capabilibility… made possible with submerged tap hole and fast return tilt cutoff
  • Liquid Heel Operating Capability… further improves productivity
  • Reduced Electrode Consumption increased economy
  • Improved Working Environment… around and above the furnace
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Volta - SAF & Whiting - SAF Controls

Volta – SAF

Furnace Solutions

The Volta-SAF Arc Furnace Regulator is designed to provide increased “Smarts” and improved “Communication” capabilities.

Operating costs are directly related to the performance of the electrode positioning controls. The Volta-SAF EAF regulator is a rack based, high speed, digital signal processor that allows many choices of I/O cards and communication links to make it extremely adaptable for tailoring to your particular plant.

The most distinct advantage of the Volta-SAF Arc Furnace Regulation is its FLEXIBILITY that allows retrofits to be staged and have savings from one upgrade to allow further expansion of the system.


  • High response
  • Hot and Cold Phase compensation
  • Wide range of power and current settings
  • Rapid adjustment of the arc length
  • Limits operation to most stable window
  • Reduced electrode hunting
  • Reduced flicker
  • Reduced energy
  • Reduced electrode usage and refractory wear

Standard Features

  • Adaptive impedance/resistance regulator
  • Fiber optic link to ABB DC or Direct Torque Control AC drives
  • Graphic program with built in Oscilloscope
  • Simple communications architecture with over 25 industrial protocols available
  • Hot and Cold Phase compensation
  • High response for flicker reduction, reduced electrode breakage and cave in protection

Set-Up and Monitoring Features

  • Multiple phase status monitoring / alarm diagnostics
  • Tap selection and monitoring
  • Trend analysis utilization
  • Power monitoring and timing
  • Report/ logger
  • Metering
  • Simplified set-up
  • Recipes for fixed design or operator modifiable set-ups
  • Recipes for different charge type

Whiting – SAF


Our complete line of equipment and services include:

  • AC or DC Drive Winch style or Hydraulic mast positioned installation and modifications
  • High performance Volta-SAF Electrode Position Regulator for significant cost savings and improved productivity
  • Process monitoring and reporting (standard or customized)
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting screens
  • Hardwired and Computerized Operator interface
  • PLC control for cooling water, hydraulics, feeders, tap changing and other melt shop operations
  • Replacement shells for EAF’S
  • General EAF equipment upgrade and modernizations
  • Water cooled cables and panels

Our Experts

  • Analyze existing operations
  • Review conditions of existing facility
  • Evaluate the performance of the existing control system
  • Provide advice and services to meet your goals
  • Provide feasibility studies on your melt shop equipment / processes
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Volta Furnace Master

Furnace Control You Can Count On

The Volta Furnace Master provides the ultimate in state of the art Electric Arc Furnace control. All types of Operations can be optimized quickly and economically.

The Arc Furnace industry relies on automation to maintain consistent product quality in a highly competitive market.

Whiting has over 100 years of experience and over 500 installations to call upon for reference when applying high technology to the melting process industries. New and existing installations can both benefit from the features offered by the Volta Furnace Master.


  • State of the art current or impedance regulation is provided for metal melting or mineral fusion
  • Animated Graphics provide comprehensive operator interface that is easy to use
  • PLC’s and PC’s are used to control all aspects of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) operations
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system requires only basic computer skills to operate
  • Historical data logged to ASCII file format
  • Modular hardware and software provides the right system for each type of melting operation, from the simplest to the most sophisticated
  • Used in single or multiple furnace shops


Adding real time computer control of your melting process is often the key to staying ahead of your competitors. The new globalization of the market place increases both opportunity and competition.

A few of the benefits of The Volta Furnace Master are:

  • Melting operations are optimized
  • Real time operator assistance throughout the heat
  • Troubleshooting of furnace systems is optimized
  • Power consumption of process cycle is minimized
  • Automatic heat reports are easier to obtain, more accurate and more comprehensive
  • Process consistency between heats is maximized
  • Process model development available
  • Trend analysis utilization

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