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Since 1884, Whiting has developed ladles for virtually every holding and pouring requirement. These range in size from hand ladles as small as 7” in diameter to 200-ton giants built to AISE specifications. There are more than 200 models, styles and sizes.

Our taper side ladles are available in hand and shank models, plus a range of larger sizes for trolley or crane handling. We also build taper side truck ladles, with or without bail for crane hook. We make cylindrical pouring ladles and floor or truck-mounted U-ladles. Also reservoir ladles, including those with elliptical bowls for use in limited space. We design special ladles for special requirements.

Whiting ladles are available with lip pour, bottom tap or outside teapot spout. They can be of welded construction with plain or anti-friction bearings, covered or open top. There are three types of time-tested gear brackets.

Whiting mastery of ladling applications is particularly beneficial in the design of complete pouring systems. Our engineers are at your service from initial planning to installation.

Lip Pour Ladle

Bottom Tap Ladles

Bottom Tap Ladle

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