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Founded in 1889 by the chemical engineering pioneer Magnus Swenson, (1854-1936), SWENSON has been associated with innovation and quality in process equipment design and manufacturing.

Around the world, literally thousands of evaporators, crystallizers, dryers, and other process equipment bear the SWENSON name. They represent decades of SWENSON engineering experience throughout the chemical processing industry. . .a record of achievement equaled by none.

The SWENSON line of drying equipment is unsurpassed. WHITING manufactures this extensive equipment line and has provided SWENSON engineers and technicians with expert solutions for various drying problems.

The wide variety of drying requirements encountered over the years has allowed SWENSON engineers to make numerous vital advances in drying technology. It is an enviable track record that can go to work for you now.

Fluid bed Dyer

Fluid Bed Dryers

When optimum heat transfer efficiency is required for the drying process, the Swenson fluid bed dryer is the best choice. 

Rotary Dryer Inside

Rotary Dryers

Enabling heat-sensitive or sticky material to be dried successfully. 

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