Falling Film Evaporators

Engineering and Manufacturing Evaporators for Chemical Process Industries

Falling-Film Evaporator

A Swenson single-effect, LTV falling-film evaporator with a separate vapour body and heat exchanger is shown. Liquor is fed into the top liquor chamber of the heat exchanger where it is disturbed to each tube. 

Swenson provides several different distribution devices for falling-film evaporators; a distribution plate is shown. The liquor accelerates in velocity as it descends inside the tubes because of the gravity and drag of the vapour generated by boiling. Liquid is separated from the vapour in the bottom liquor chamber of the heat exchanger and with a skirt-type baffle in the vapour body. A supplemental entrainment separator can be installed in the upper portion of the vapour body to reduce liquid entrained with the vapour to a minimum. The Swenson direct-contact condenser, as shown, is used to condense the vapour with water. Concentrated liquor is discharged from the bottom liquor chamber and cone bottom of the vapour body.

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