Railway & Transit Maintenance

Whiting has always been heavily committed to the Design & Manufacture of Equipment & Systems used throughout the Transportation Industry to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of Locomotive & Railcar Maintenance.

Rail Car Hoist


Whiting is the best recognized brand of all Locomotive & Car Shop Material Handling Equipment in North & South America and as far as Australia, with 75% – 90% of all installed infrastructure since 1884.

Current capabilities cover the “total” requirement… each unit and system reflecting the most advanced design concept and highest levels of quality and performance. Designs are conservative – utilizing generic, readily available materials and components. Advanced microprocessor controls have been added to enable warranties of up to 10 years.

Handling Specialty

  • Drop Tables
  • Locomotive Body Support
  • Release Track Covers
  • Electric Overhead Cranes
  • Transportation Equipment

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