AGV Industry Applications

At Handling Specialty, one of our many diverse, custom material handling products is the heavy-duty AGV. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to design for their specific use and applications.

Below are some examples of the autonomous guided vehicle designs and applications we offer and that are common to assembly, manufacturing and warehousing needs:

  • AGVs that handle different raw materials such as paper, plastic, steel, rubber, and more, depending on the industry, transport raw materials from storage warehouses to production lines. This ensures that raw materials are handled with care and maintains a steady supply of raw goods to production lines. Specialized tooling for the custom AGV are also considered for handling a customer’s raw materials.
  • AGVs that manage work in progress handling, handles intermediate goods in production lines. They also ensure production continues uninterrupted. Often a company will purchase more AGVs then needed to allow for constant uptime in the factory while other AGVs charge their battery packs.
  • AGVs used to move hazardous materials have come up with state-of-the-art technology to improve safety when handling dangerous materials. For example, thanks to advancements in AGV technology, some hazardous material handling AGVs have triggers that issue a warning when they encounter hazardous materials. This makes them better and more efficient than human personnel who might not sense any dangers in the working space.
  • Pallets are the structural foundation of a load. With the right equipment, they improve material handling and storage efficiencies. AGV solutions can move pallets or crates easier and faster than humans without any strain, injuries, or damage. Often times an AGV can be fitted with roller balls or conveyers to assist in moving the pallets from the AGV to a storage shelf.
  • AGVs working in the the final stage of the manufacturing process involves transporting products or finished goods from the manufacturing facilities to the storage or shipping facilities. The process often requires gentle/delicate handling. Custom tooling can be added that enables the load handling devices to secure and carry products or goods. These AGVs are also used in final inspections, transporting the product to another work cell for review.
  • Some storage facilities are elevated and have narrow aisles, making it hard for humans to move in between or even reach some products. Automated storage and retrieval AGVs make it easier to reach and store products. Many times, our AGVs have been fitted with scissor lifts to access heights. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now being leveraged in some AVG solutions to map the warehouse in 3D and operate independently of any human interaction.

Automated Guided Vehicles are being used more and more for specific industry applications. Heavy-duty AGVs are an important part of the processes that go into an assembly or manufacturing facility as well as a storage facility. Remember to consult a professional like those at Handling Specialty when considering automation in your plant. Size, carrying capacities and motion are all important aspects of design/building your ideal AGV.

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