Guided Vehicles for Assembly Processes

Guided Vehicles for Assembly Processes

Handling Specialty recently completed an order for seven manually guided vehicles (MGV’s) for use in the assembly of military style side by sides. A military side by side is an ATV, deployed by military forces responding to missions where heavier equipment would be too cumbersome. These ultra-light tactical vehicles come in two-seat or four seat versions.

The custom-designed guided vehicle engineered to assist in ergonomic and efficient assembly, will traverse 20\’ every 1.5 hrs. moving through work cells as the vehicles are assembled.

Fitted with a scissor lift that can be operated by the handheld pendent or foot pedals offers a simple solution to raised height access at every stage of the assembly process. E-stops located on either side of the units allow for safer operation while the MGV is in motion.

Manually guided vehicles also allow a factory floor to change and evolve to the company’s needs as new product are imagined and with them, new factory floor layouts. Additionally, any MGV from Handling Specialty can be upgraded to work as an automated guided vehicle, operating to pre-programmed routines without the need of an operator.

Manually guided vehicles should be designed with the client’s specific assembly requirements in mind from the ground up to ensure the vehicles dimensions, lifting and traversing capacities, and safety measures work in perfect symmetry to the specific product assembly processes. Efficient, custom-design offers an effective workplace experience that can only be realized through custom-engineering from experienced professionals like Handling Specialty.

To enquire about your MGV or AGV assembly needs, contact our technical sales team.

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